Celebrity DNA Tests

Surf through your TV channels on any given day you are sure to find a talk show revealing shocking DNA paternity results. DNA tests are all over the place and it seems like what was once a family secret is news that is shared with the world. When high profile individuals need DNA tests performed it is sure to grab the media attention and that of the general public. The following are the top five DNA tests ever performed.

  1. Thomas Jefferson is one of the most notable figures in American history, and he is also one of the most notable figures in DNA testing history. It was long rumored that Jefferson had fathered a child with his slave Sally Hemmings. Hundreds of years after Jefferson or Hemmings walked the earth DNA provided that Sally Hemmings child did share genetic make-up with the Jefferson family. That said, it was impossible to prove its was Jefferson who fathered Eston Hemmings.

  2. Elizabeth Hurley would set most men’s heart beating, but she sent Steve Bing running in the other direction. The couple was an item, photographed all over the globe that is until Liz told Steve she was expecting. Steve Bing, a wealthy businessman, denied that he was the father and left Elizabeth to deal with her pregnancy all alone. Elizabeth was vindicated shortly after her son Damien Charles Hurley was born because DNA testing proved that Steve Bing was his father.

  3. James Brown was the subject of a number of DNA tests over his years. In fact, over the years a rumored twelve tests were performed to determine if James Brown was the father of said twelve children. Of the twelve DNA tests James Brown submitted to only two proved he was in fact the father.

  4. Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown from the spice girls set gossip columns on fire with their brief romance. However, the gossip about their romance paled in comparison to the stories regarding the paternity test Mel B order when she got pregnant as a result of their affair. Eddie strongly denied he was the father of Mel B�s daughter, but DNA testing proved that he was in fact a new dad.

  5. One of the most controversial and noteworthy DNA test of all time involved the triangle of Anna Nicole Smith, Larry Birkhead, and Howard K. Stern. Larry and Anna dated for sometime and he maintained he was the father of her child even though she claimed her best friend Howard was. After Anna�s untimely death Larry fought aggressively for paternity testing of Anna�s baby and proved he was in deed her father.