Promoting the highest standards of care for patients and donors

This is the main mission of the American Association of Blood Banks; a United States organization developed to support any business or organization that deals with blood products or patients regarding blood products in any way. The organization has been working for over 60 years to raise the quality of care regarding transfusions, donations, blood banking, typing and even genetic testing amongst other areas.     Also known as the AABB, the American Association of Blood Banks was founded in 1947 and today incorporates DNA testing into its support network. While it may be a US based organization, the AABB also works internationally, researching the standards of care in other countries and helping apply those standards everywhere else. This strong support network is also linked with the ‘AABB accreditation program’, which involves the inspection of anywhere using or obtaining blood products and correlation with the high standard that the association expects.

An organization that has been inspected by the AABB accreditation program but not actually accredited cannot ensure their patients or partners that they are safe or responsible with their blood products and care. The AABB accreditation program is, in turn, accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health (ISQua); a non profit organization working to improve health care in 70 + countries worldwide.   The AABB’s accreditation program is also significant for DNA testing laboratories, as many potential customers are often wary of an independent laboratory or one that has not been suggested by the individual’s local council. It is now widely accepted that any laboratory or genetic testing agency that has been AABB accredited is trustworthy and reliable to use. The AABB accreditation program is seen as the standard ‘seal of approval’ for testing laboratories today and government courts of law will only use laboratories with this specific accreditation.

If you are looking into getting your blood tested, finding out what blood type you are, donating blood or having any DNA tests carried out on you or a relative then you should always look for the AABB accreditation certificate. If you visit the organization in person they should have a certificate displayed and if you ask if they are accredited in this way, they will more than likely be keen to show you confirmation. The American Association of Blood Banks maintains very high standards of patients and donor care within its accreditation program, so you can rest assured that any accredited organization will look after you or your loved ones at all times.