Non Traditional DNA Samples

We have all seen those detective shows on TV in which they are following a crime suspect to collect an item for DNA testing. Have you ever wondered how much truth is behind those shows? There are items that we use every day that carry our biological footprint. Many of these items can be collected for the purpose of DNA testing.

The Purpose of Collecting Items with DNA

There are many situations that can arise in which the paternity of a child of individual is in question. This situation may be of a sensitive nature and you may not want to alarm the parties involved. If you have free access to the parties in question you can confiscate an item to have it tested for paternity. Obviously, this is not the ideal way to determine the parentage of a child. However, if there is no other desirable alternative it is better than do nothing for most people.

Items with a DNA Imprint

Most of us take great pride in our pearly whites. We brush, floss and rinse to keep our teeth looking sparkly clean. What we don’t think of is the fact that the more frequently we brush our teeth, the more of a DNA imprint we leave on our toothbrush. A toothbrush that has been used by a single individual is an excellent resource for a DNA sample. If you think about this, it works almost similarly to the swabs they use in open DNA testing. To send a toothbrush for DNA testing, do not touch the bristles of the brush, and let the brush air dry before placing it in a plastic bag for mailing.

Two every day items used for DNA testing that make perfect sense when you think about them are envelopes and stamps. When a person mails a letter they often lick the envelope shut and if they are not using self adhesive stamps they like them as well. That said, before spending the money on testing you want to be positive the items were in fact licked.

One of the best every day items that can be used for DNA testing is chewing gum. That said, a sample of gum has to be pure and not contaminated. Be careful not to handle the gum with bare fingers, pick up with clean plastic and place it in a clean plastic bag.

Smoking is not only a habit that kills, but it can nab a person for paternity as well. Cigarette butts do hold DNA evidence. The more the cigarette is smoked the more DNA evidence it will hold. To send a cigarette as a DNA source find several well smoked butts that have been smoked by only the individual in question.